A free resource for high quality structural information of WD40 proteins.       (New version available: WDSPdb 3.0)

Examples - UniProt ID: WDR5_HUMAN; UniProt AC: P61964; Gene: WDR5; Entrez ID: 11091; Organism: Human


WDSPdb is a free and comprehensive resource to provide accurate structure predictions and featured sites annotations specifically for WD40 domains based on the powerful tool WD40-repeat protein Structures Predictor (WDSP). It has recorded about 600,000 predicted WD40 proteins from 4426 species.

WD40-repeat protein Structure Predictor (WDSP)

is developed to accurately identify WD40 repeats and predict the secondary structures of WD40 domains as well as structural and functional features based on their primary sequences.

WD40-repeat Domains

are one of the most popular interactors in protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks and play versatile roles in fundamental biological processes.

Hydrogen Bond Network

is a special structure feature composed by Asp-His-Ser/Thr-Trp which is widely and uniquely presented in WD40 proteins. They help the WD40 repeat folding and contribute to the structure stability.

Potential Hotspots on Top Surface

are specific types of residues protruded on the top face of the WD40 domains. They may participate in the interactions on the top face.

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